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Looking for a Realtor?

Image by Florian Schmidinger


Born in El Salvador, my parents taught me to always work hard and always do my best.

I started working in Real Estate to help my community and others to realize the American dream by helping them be a homeowner.

I have over 10 years of Experience in Real Estate and I understand how important it is for me to use this when assisting clients to make the big step to purchase a home.  

I focus on being a guide through that process and finding the right house that fits them.


I feel rewarded seeing them happy in their new home by helping with making this life-changing decision. 

As a Home Owner I know sometimes is difficult to make the right decision whether you want a new home or keep the one that you have.  

I’m happy to provide you with advice, using all my tools and experience in helping you to make the right decision.  


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I'm here to help you  whether your Buying or Selling your home!

Call me for a free consultation.

All your questions are important!

Contact Me

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6231 Leesburg Pike Ste 204 Falls Church, VA 22044


7676 New Hampshire Ave Ste 415

Takoma Park, MD 20902

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